New and Notable Features of IG 3.4

Most enhancements are behind the scenes and can be leveraged through current API methods, but some enhancements are available only through new API. Some notable API enhancements include 1) A built-in result handler called a Path Collector that can optimize complex navigations and 2) A transaction policy called a PreloadCacheForHandlesPolicy that can be used to optimize object access when using methods on the Vertex interface.

Everybody Forgets about Path Qualification

Is a single traversal of your graph database taking an insanely long time or is it crashing your application because it is consuming all of your free memory? It is possible that you have neglected to filter the search space for your navigation using path qualification. This is a review of all of the powerful ways that InfiniteGraph gives you to filter your result set before you even execute a navigation.

Toolrunner: More Administrative tools

Some of the traditional Objy/DB Admin tools now use a new mechanism of execution known as tool tunner. You can find the change in tool name and tool options below. All tools now require the –bootFile flag with the bootFilePath. The following are a subset of the Objectivity DB Admin tools. More Administrative tools have been added to the tool runner interface which are listed in a separate table after the Tool Runner table.
Here are the list of tools using tool runner: